When you order on our e-commerce, you are guaranteed that every product is prepared, packaged and shipped on the same day.

Every Tuesday we fulfill all orders that arrive by the previous Saturday.

Our packages then leave from our lab, and this is what happens to your order from the early morning hours:

  • We churn out all the products you ordered;
  • We package and label them one by one;
  • we place them in Styrofoam packaging along with gel dry ice that keeps the temperature constant for up to 48 hours;
  • We seal and place in a cardboard box;
  • We deliver the package to the courier;
  • depending on the distance, receive your order in 24-48 hours.

In this way we guarantee you the continuity of the cold chain, freshness and quality of products that arrive at your home exactly as we prepare them, from us to you with as much taste as possible.