Andrea, Giovanni, Pietro and Ignazio are the founders of this project, which is unique in its nature because it combines baked goods with pastry and ice cream with a market corner, all gluten free.

We have been in the gluten-free business since 2007, when the first 100% gluten-free pizza restaurant in Italy was established.
Our experience comes from research and insights done in the field, because when we ventured into this venture everything was new.

Eleven years of recipes, testing and tasting , until finding the right combinations of rising, baking and texture. And then the decisive test: subjecting the products to the judgment of people who are not intolerant and seeing their amazement at knowing that they had tasted gluten-free products… Only then was the product included in our production, added to the restaurant menu, in the display cases of our bakery, and in the line of products intended for sale for bars, restaurants and businesses.

Are you a operator and want to expand your offerings with gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan products that are good and quality?
Expand your menu with our products specifically for hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, bars and caterers.

Supply of ready-made products

We can supply your hotel, restaurant, or bar with bread, pizza and baked goods, pastries, breakfast pastries, and many other 100% gluten free products, ready-made and always fresh.


We offer gluten free catering service for events, celebrations and all kinds of occasions: a rich buffet of sweet and savory products prepared according to our 100% gluten free recipes and a complete sertvizio to customize according to your specific needs.

Supply of blends and flours

The largest offering of 100% gluten-free flours and blends for making gluten-free bread, pizza and baked goods, without sacrificing taste and with the guarantee of a perfect result. Contact us and offer your customers your cuisine also in gluten free version!

Why Gluten Free. Because it is good for everyone.