Family business

Our experience stems from a historic restaurant in Grosseto, Il Carrettino precisely, adjacent to the historic walls where we have always carried on the Sicilian tradition in the kitchen with the utmost attention to all those diets that often find little room on menus. Hence our always 100% gluten-free offerings and a breadth of vegetarian recipes, including in pastries. In fact, the Greco family and its four partners are reintroducing their philosophy and all the specialties of the renowned Sicilian pastry store in the dedicated store on Monterosa Street.

Andrea, Giovanni, Pietro Greco and Ignazio Chinnici are the founders of this project that is unique in its nature because it combines baked goods, pastry and ice cream with a market corner, all gluten free.

Quality Products

Fresh Products
Every day we lovingly prepare our recipes. Starting with fresh and wholesome raw materials the best of Gluten free tradition.

Making completely gluten-free desserts and savories that are great for people with celiac disease is possible!
Bread, pizza, pasta, cookies and cakes can be made from gluten-free flours. The exclusive use of these flours guarantees 100% gluten free products.